logo.jpg Welcome to Mrs. Adams' science wikispace. The purpose of this wiki is to keep students and parents aware of what's going on in my classroom, including a calendar with homework assignments for each day of the school year. Also, you can view material that was presented in class, including powerpoint presentations, worksheets, and videos. This will be especially beneficial if you miss class, but also if you wish to review class material for reinforcement purposes. Please understand that I do add additional notes and diagrams on my interactive board as I'm presenting the material to the class, so always make sure you get these additional notes from a classmate, or ask me if this is not possible. Also, there is a dicussion page for my biology and chemistry classes where I will periodically post questions, websites, videos, etc. Students will be required to post answers to these questions as homework assignments. I will go over all of this in class to make sure there are no questions about these discussion posts.

The assignments for biology and chemistry will be done using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader might be necessary if the document is in a pdf format. If you don't have any of these programs, you can download them for free. Once you download the program, you can view the documents and print them out, but will be unable to make any changes. If you click on the blue hyperlinks, you can download microsoft **word**, **powerpoint**, and **acrobat reader**. If you have any trouble opening the file, you can try to download a file converter from **microsoft.** If any students or parents have any questions, you can email me at adamsden@pittstonarea.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.